Cathrine L. Walters Photography

Cathrine L. Walters Photography

Emily Bentley brings a smart, compassionate perspective to City Council. She’s independent, works hard and likes to get good things done. She’s earned my support and I know she’ll earn yours.
— Missoula Mayor John Engen

I am Emily Bentley and I am running for Missoula City Council in Ward 3. I am knocking on doors to learn more about the issues you are facing in our area, discover why you love Missoula, and discuss ways we can make our community better. 

Missoula is a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Thoughtful urban design is needed to maintain the quality of life that makes it special and encourages economic activity. Sidewalks, open space, and recreation are important investments that support local businesses like grocery stores, bars and restaurants, and retail shops.

Ward 3 is the most urban ward in Missoula and is connected to many community gathering spots. From the Farmers Market to the Fairgrounds, Orange Street Food Farm to the Hip Strip, we can bike or walk to just about any happening place.  This means we get out of our cars and visit with our neighbors.  Preserving and improving this connectivity as Missoula grows is critical to keeping Ward 3 vibrant, affordable, and safe.

Please contact me at or 406.546.6552 to discuss issues facing Ward 3. I plan to be at the Buttercup Market and Cafe every Wednesday at 11 AM, from June to November, to meet with constituents. I look forward to seeing you there.